Good day everybody!

It is with great excitement & pleasure to announce our debut Story Trailer for our Crumple-Episode 1 game! We are just over 99% complete with this last 1% being the most difficult of it all. But, we're almost there!!!

Meanwhile, please enjoy and be ready to save Enve: July 2017!

Crumple - Episode 1 Story Trailer:

Hi everybody! It's been a long while, yes. Thankfully, there's been loads of progress since we posted our demo here.

Head to our Youtube channel and check out all of the improvements & fixes made as we inch ever-so-close to its release!

Let us know what you think! Meanwhile, try out our demo now! Thanks for the support NG & fans!


Gabriel G. - Founder & CEO of Nascent Games, LLC

A HUGE thank you to everybody that has tried our Crumple: Episode 1 demo and their very constructive & reinforcing feedback!

You have tried our demo, right?? 

We are inching closer & closer to its release! And, because of that, you can now pre-order Crumple: Episode 1 through Humble here!

Your continued feedback on our upcoming game will continue to be welcome! Thanks for your support! :D